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Enhance the beauty of your home with beautiful interior doors. There are many interior door styles, materials and finishes. If you are unsure of which style is best for your home, come in and see the choices in our showroom or call one of our sales consultants. Below are just of a few of your options.

Wood Interior Doors

There are many styles and wood grains to choose from such as Mahogany, Alder, Fir, Maple, Cherry and many more.

Paint Grade Interior Doors

The choices of beautiful MDF doors with raised paneling will surprise you. These doors can enhance your home by adding detail and elegance. Are you looking to stay with a painted door but want to get rid of those old hollow ones? This is the choice for you.

Interior Closet Doors

Today’s closets have changed. Now is the time to change your door for your closet. Choose from mirrored wardrobe doors, bi-folding, or a sliding door.

Quality Interior Door Brands We Carry:


Trustile Doors

TruStile was one of the first door manufacturers to leverage the superior benefits of MDF (medium density fiberboard) for paint-grade door applications. Since then, we have become the nation’s leading manufacturer of solid MDF doors.

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T. M. Cobb

Your number one source for beautiful entrance doors, interior doors, exterior, patio, French, windows, custom millwork and more.

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Sun Mountain Door

Our products are made locally in our factory in Northern Colorado. This allows us to offer higher quality products using locally and regionally sourced lumber.

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Simpson Door Company

For over a century, our wood doors have been standing strong while standing out. With thousands of standard choices and infinite custom options, we have the perfect door to represent your creativity and style.

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Ranch House Doors

While Ranch House Doors is known for its beautiful custom wood doors, adorning them with Decorative Hardware can enhance the entire look of your home.  We offer many types of hardware and can also custom order your requests.

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Open | Close Doors

Open Close Logo-InteriorCrafting some of the finest sliding doors on the market today, Open Close Doors has some of the most creative and beautifully functional sliding door ideas we’ve seen to date and are created as complete systems for closet doors, room dividers, pocket doors and wall sliders.From custom frosted glass doors to room dividers to partitions and pocket doors, we have a solution for you.

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Open the Door to Inspiration for Your Home

interior doors - Agoura Sash & DoorIf you think that all interior doors are the same, you should see the style options for unique interior designs available at the Agoura Sash & Door Showroom in Westlake Village.  Not only are there hundreds of interior door styles for you to choose from, but you can personalize your choices through custom sizes, a variety of woods, glass inserts, different styles and a wide variety of prices.

Today’s interiors are not limited by anything other than your imagination and your creativity.  If you want French doors to close off your library, or louvered sliders for a closet, there’s no reason not to have both.  You can install a swinging pantry door with a glass insert to recall the way Grandma’s kitchen functioned; and you can design custom paneled doors to reflect your love of modern design or Asian influence — your choice.

With a variety of sample doors in our showroom and the availability of special order options from the best door suppliers in the business, we can offer you the look you want at a price you can afford.  We will also help you with your decision-making and guide you through the design and ordering process, whether you need one door or a whole houseful.

We work with owners and contractors and have both the design experience and product selection to ensure that your construction dreams don’t become nightmares.  Stop by our newly-renovated showroom to see our doors, as well as all the other components to make your construction project a reality.  Our experienced professionals will show you around and answer all your questions.

New Interior Door Designs Are Here

patio pet doorIf you are building a home or remodeling the one you live in now, it can be a mistake to underestimate the value doors play in your home’s look and feel. Doors can communicate grandeur, provide security, limit noise, allow the sun to dance inside and more. Styles change as years go by and so do personal tastes.  Having new doors can add a fresh look and style that is perfect for you and your home.

There are almost limitless door designs to choose from.  Maybe a new French door would add to the look from your family room to your outdoor space, and a new contemporary door would make going into your bedroom more of an adventure. Even a new door to your closet could add more style.

Whatever your needs and taste, Agoura Sash & Door has interior doors on display for you to consider.  Our wide variety of doors includes 10 new contemporary and modern ones.  Contact us today or come in and see our selection of doors in our showroom.  We are located in the Westlake Village, California area and we are ready to serve you with any of your interior door needs.

Lancko Doors

Lancko manufactures firm, secure, strong doors of premium wood, which are accented with unique materials from around the globe. We have refined all of the components of our doors, down to the smallest details, with the goal of producing doors of the utmost quality.

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Interior Doors: A Decorator’s Secret?

Have you ever walked into a stately old home and noticed the fine detail work on the doors? Sturdy, beautiful doors were a staple of fine living at one time, and what decorators know is that a door can still change the look of an entire room.

Interior design calls for an eye for detail, but doors are an often overlooked source of design inspiration. If you look, you can find anything — from mission style to contemporary wood doors — on the market. Think of your interior doors as the “character” of your room. While furnishings and art work may represent the “personality,” a solid door adds character and works together with the other elements of your homes architecture.

Determine the style of your home. Is it Mediterranean, modern, or Tudor? Whatever the style, look at Agoura Sash & Door for an interior door that matches the overall style of the home. Once you’ve matched the style of door with the style of architecture, you can choose the color, detail work, and hardware you want featured.

It’s a series of small elements that go into creating the perfect space, and an interior door is one important part of the design plan.

El and El Wood Products

We specialize in exceptionally fine wood and urethane mouldings, door jambs, carvings, columns and interior doors. We also manufacture flexible mouldings and exterior door frames.

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CW – Contractors Wardrobe

At Contractors Wardrobe, our Mission is very simple:
To manufacture products and service our customers better than anyone in our industry.
That is why our logo features the words “Quality. We Set The Standard.”

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Brighten Up Your Home With These 10 Interior Door Designs

Hallway.You do everything to have a unique home interior from the floors up to the ceiling. Yet we often neglect doing anything with the interior doors. Here are 10 interior door designs you may want to consider to get away from the boring and bland look.

1: Custom doors - Using custom doors allows you to bring your own inspiration to life based on your ideas and budget, according to HGTV.

2: Sliding glass multipurpose doors - Sliding glass doors allows a person to open it up when hands are full of items. In addition to just closing off spaces, you can make notes on the glass for your family or write out your grocery list.

3: Chalkboard doors - This interior door design works great for kids’ bedrooms as they can be creative whenever they want.

4: Painted focal door - Having a uniform white color in your room can make it look sterile and cold. Brighten up the space by painting the door in a bright, rich color to make it a focal point.

5: Eclectic doors - You aren’t confined by your imagination. Go all out with your interior door design to have a unique style.

6: Old World doors - Tall wooden doors with exposed wood grain add the touch of elegance with old fashion appeal.

7: Rustic and antique doors - With more people choosing vintage decor designs, you can continue the decor scheme by placing a distressed door in your home.

8: Mirrored doors - Make small rooms feel bigger and more open with mirrored doors.

9: Asian screen doors - Bring a bit of Asia to a room with silk screen doors. It works great in places such as a bedroom or bathroom where you want to add a serene mood to the space.

10: French doors - French doors are no longer confined to exterior patios and decks. Add a touch of elegance to the room with this design.

For more information about home doors and windows in California, please contact Agoura Sash & Door located in Westlake Village at 805-409-4606.