6 Items To Toss Once You Hit 30

woman sitting on couchWhile many of the pieces in your home may be convenient, they have likely been following you around over the years, aging with you. Compiled is a list of 6 items you must toss out as soon as you turn thirty, maybe even 25:

  1. While you may be reliving your college days with this artifact, it is time to toss out the futon.
  2. All of your temporary, plastic furniture pieces must be gone once you move into a house.
  3. While television stands may serve functional purposes, they are not aesthetically pleasing. It is time to permanently fixate your television to your walls.
  4. Any art without a frame must go. Likewise, any old movie posters should be tossed as well.
  5. Do you still think that florescent floor lamp looks good in your living room? Think again, it is time to toss it!
  6. If you have been using a “Bed in a Bag” for a few years now, it is time to invest in some bedding that treats your body well.

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