Exterior Doors

Whether you want to make a bold statement or maintain a distinctive style, there’s an exterior door made to complement your custom home.

Improve curb appeal, add value

We believe home is a reflection of who we are, our individual style and personality. Just as some of us like to reinvent ourselves with a new hairstyle or wardrobe, so too can homeowners transform their home’s exterior appearance with a new exterior door.

Most of our customer conversations about exterior doors revolve around front entry doors. But let’s not forgot there are other exterior door types including patio doors, storm doors, screen doors, security doors and pet doors. Each door type has its own unique features that often require our help to explain in order for you to make the right decision.

Our staff of experienced door sales professionals can help you select the right exterior door to set you apart from your neighbors. We know all about the latest exterior door trends in door panel designs and sidelight styles, and more than eager to share our knowledge with you. From wood to fiberglass to steel, exterior doors can be customized in a wide variety of prefinished stains and paint colors. Let us show you how!

Exterior Door Materials

While most people focus on style of door they want (Classic, Modern, Mediterranean, etc), choosing the door material is equally important.

Customers wanting to replace their front door or patio door will often ask us, “What type of material should my door be made of?” The answer depends on several factors. Each door material type has its pros and cons. Ask our door sales professionals to explain the advantages and drawbacks for each type. We want you to make the best educated decision for your home based on your needs and budget.

Exterior Door Swing Configurations

Generally speaking, most exterior doors, such as front entry doors, “swing in” or open “inward”. You pull them in towards you. There are several reasons why this configuration makes sense, especially if you have a storm door installed. Unless you have a specific reason to own an outswing door, our sales associates will assume you’ll go inswing.

In Swing
Out Swing

Exterior Door Brands We Sell

Visit our showroom in Westlake Village, CA to discover the many different exterior door brands we are authorized to sell as a dealer. Don’t see a particular manufacturer below? We can still help you. Just ask a sales representative or contact us.

AG Millworks
La Cantina

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