Bamboo Entry and Interior Doors: An Environmentally Superior Choice

interior doorOne of the most beautiful ways to make a house greener is to put in bamboo doors. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable plant material that is durable enough to use for entry doors as well as interior doors.

What Makes Bamboo a Superior Choice?

GreenLeaf doors, a manufacturer of bamboo doors, doesn’t just rely on the bamboo alone to be environmentally friendly. They are bonded with water-based glues and contact cements, use low-emitting bamboo particle board, and can contain fiberboard with recycled content. They’re also made in the USA. Bamboo’s renewability along with these environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods these doors excellent choices for those seeking LEED certification for their houses and other buildings.

How do Bamboo Doors Look?

Bamboo doors offer a wide variety of design choices. The most basic of these involves the grain and coloration of the panels. Grains can be pronounced or subdued, and colors are available all along the blond-to-brown spectrum. A good spectrum of styles is also available. Most of these have an upscale feel that is in keeping with the modern, environmentally-conscious house.

To learn more about bamboo doors or to see some in person, contact Agoura Sash & Door in Westlake Village, California.