Benefits of classic bamboo Roman shades

bamboo stalksSometimes changing a room’s window treatments is all it takes to give the space a fresh new look. Adding a bamboo Roman shade to your windows will create a simple look, while adding a subtle amount of color to the room. There are many different benefits to installing bamboo Roman shades, including privacy and theme.

Here are some of the top benefits of installing bamboo Roman shades to you windows:

  • Gives complete privacy from the outside
  • Allows enough light to brighten a room
  • Offers shade and protection from direct sunlight on patios and sunrooms
  • Made to be door-length or customized to fit any window size
  • Used as kitchen enclosures
  • Creates an Asian-inspired look to a room
  • Creates a sense of color balance within a space
  • Made from bamboo to mirror classic wood looks already existing in a space
  • Made with tones that complement any shade of wood

For more information about installing classic bamboo Roman shades contact Agoura Sash & Door for all of your door and window design needs. We have everything you need including hardware (including doorknobs), molding and accessories.