Can You Benefit From Clad Wood Windows?

wood clad windowsClad Wood Replacement Windows

Even though clad wood windows are not traditional wood windows, there are many advantages of opting for clad wood windows in your house. Clad wood replacement windows will offer the look of wood windows on the inside, while requiring less exterior maintenance. Clad wood windows are made out of wood, but have a small layer of vinyl or aluminum on the exterior, meaning that they do not have to be sealed or painted. The interior of the windows are wood, which can be stained or painted in order to match the décor of your home’s interior.

Clad wood windows are some of the least expensive windows available, starting at just $200 per window. They also require very low maintenance costs, and time, making them perfect for homeowners who do not have the know-how or the desire to maintain windows.

When choosing the right clad wood window option for your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. The first is if you want vinyl or aluminum clad wood windows. Vinyl can come in many different colors, and has outstanding insulating properties. Aluminum clad wood windows are much stronger than vinyl, but are best suited for areas with mild temperatures.

You will also have to choose between the different types of woods that are available for the interior of the window. You can choose from basic pine, to exotic species for your windows. Looking at your décor, and any other wood trim in your home can help you determine which wood will work best. There are also many pane glass styles that are available with clad wood windows, as well as different hardware finishes.

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