Replace An Old Doorknob in 1-2-3-4

door knobLooking to switch out your old doorknobs so that they match the new design elements of your home? You do not have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get the doorknob off, simply follow these steps:

  1. First, you will want to begin by removing the old doorknob. You will need to first remove all the screws found on the interior part of the door. If you do not see any screws on the cover plates, you will want to use a clip to push in the metal piece so that the doorknob loosens.
  2. Removing the underlying plate is your next step – Once you pull off the doorknob, you will see the underlying plate. Check for the slot along the seam of the plate and wedge a screwdriver into the slot. After you twist the plate, it should pop off.
  3. Remove all screws and the old latch.
  4. To install your new doorknob, all you need to do is reverse the steps followed to remove the old doorknob. Once complete, test it out and start enjoying your shiny new doorknob!

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