Choosing The Right Door Handle Hardware

door handle knobs

Door handles are something that you use every day but probably do not think about much. However, choosing the right door handle can create a whole new look at your house. Consider these different types of door handles to use throughout your home.

  • Round door knobs – Children and pets have a hard time opening these types of door handles, which makes it a great choice if that sounds like your family. However, if you or someone in your house suffers from arthritis, they can also have a hard time. Keep in mind that when installing round door knobs, you will need to take the entire knob apart.
  • Decorative door levers – These door handle options are much easier for us than typical door knobs while also adding a bit of class to your house. They are reversible if you have both left and right side doors. If you are installing them on French doors, make sure to pay close attention to which way they are facing. Think twice before installing them in high traffic areas, such as hallways, since they can easily snag on clothes when you walk by.
  • Door handle sets – The most popular handle choice for manors, estates, and mansions, door handle sets can create a dignified look and bring a sense of quality into your house. Along with their pleasing look, they are also some of the most long lasting options because they simply operate with a thumb lever so they are not exposed to as much wear and tear. Keep in mind that if you are planning on installing a door handle set at your house, you will need to drill a hole where the bottom of the handle will attach.

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