Keep Your Home Safe With These Door Safety Tips

door handleBe sure to pick a door that keeps your home safe

As you decide which type of door you want for your home, there is lots to consider. Not only do you have to decide on style but you also have to weigh in on material. While there’s no wrong choice when it comes to making a decision, there are  certain factors that can keep your home safer. From weather to home burglaries, it’s important to choose a door that keeps you home safe. Check out these tips to ensure you pick a door that’s right for your home protection.

  • Avoid glass doors. Not only are they easy to break, but glass doors offer transparency into your home. Should a burglar want to scope out your home before making their move, your front door gives them the perfect opportunity.
  • Invest in a good deadbolt. A strong deadbolt is the first defense against a home intruder. Be sure that you pick a quality deadbolt to keep your home safe. Just be sure you use it. A third of all home intruders use the front door and nearly a quarter use the backdoor. Even if you’re home, always keep your doors locked.
  • Install mail slots carefully. A mail slot in the middle of your door weakens the integrity of the door which makes it easier to kick in. While it’s best to avoid a mail slot all together, if you must install one, install it closer to the bottom of the door.
  • Protect your sliding glass doors by placing a rod in the track so that it can’t be opened.

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