Door Quiz: Find the Style That Best Suits Your Lifestyle

collage of doorsFind the door of your dreams!

Need help finding your perfect door? With so many options, it can be difficult. Look no further because this door quiz will help you find the perfect door for your lifestyle!

In which environment do you thrive best?

  1. The mountains
  2. Urban living
  3. Oceanside
  4. Suburbia

What’s your favorite type of restaurant?

  1. Local
  2. Upscale
  3. Trendy
  4. Classic

What’s your dream job?

  1. Something that allows me to spend time outdoors.
  2. Something cutting edge that allows me the be at the forefront of my industry.
  3. Something creative that allows me to think outside the box and express myself.
  4. Something traditional that allows stability.

Which scenario best describes you in social situations?

  1. The listener
  2. The life of the party
  3. The funny one
  4. The storyteller

Which game would you rather play?

  1. Soccer
  2. Chess
  3. Charades
  4. Monopoly

What do you like to do in your spare time?

  1. Anything outside
  2. Visit museums
  3. Curl up with a good book
  4. Tend to the garden

If you picked mostly 1s, your dream doors is reflective your love of nature. Look for earth-tones and wood with an organic design.

If you picked mostly 2s, your dream door is more contemporary. You like to push boundaries and think outside the box. Choose a door that reflects your unique style.

If you picked mostly 3s, your dream door is a bungalow or craftsman type style. Your laid back style is deserving of a more relaxed vibe when it comes to your doors.

If you picked mostly 4s, your dream door is more traditional. Look for doors with clean lines and neutral color schemes.

Be true to your style and make sure to contact Agoura Sash & Door for all your home improvement needs in the Conejo Valley! Located in Westlake Village, California, we serve all your door and window needs and can help you find the perfect door for you!