Save Some Energy with a DIY Audit

guy installing new windowSave energy and money with a DYI energy audit!

Looking to save in the new year? Go green! Conduct an energy audit review to save energy and money. Check out this guide to do your own energy audit.

Utility Bills.

Start your audit by reviewing your utility bills. Find out exactly how much energy you’re using. The more you know about your usage the better able you’ll be able to cut down and save.

Air leaks.

Check your home for any air leaks. Check your any holes or gaps in doors, windows, flooring, walls, ceiling, pipes, and outlets. Also look at your home’s exterior and check for any cracks or damages in the foundation or mortar. If you do have any leaks, then have them fixed. If it’s small you can fix it yourself, but you should consult a professional if you need assistance.


What type of light bulbs do you use? Look for more efficient bulbs if you’re not using energy efficient lighting. Specifically, choose CFL or LED over incandescent bulbs.


You spend a great deal of money on your temperature control. Insulation can help keep your home’s temperature at the desired climate longer. Inspect your insulation in the walls and attic. If it’s old and no longer sufficient, have it replaced. You’ll save significantly on your heating and cooling.

Home upgrades.

If you’re using older appliances or materials, they likely aren’t working very efficiently and are increasing your energy use. Check your appliances and windows to see whether or not they’re approved for efficient energy use.  If they are outdated, replace them with newer, energy efficient models.

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