Slash Your Utility Bills with Window Treatments

window drapesWindow treatments can lower your heating and cooling costs!

Around 25 percent of your heating and cooling costs drift out of your windows annually. Sealing energy-robbing air leaks is the first step toward saving money. Adding the right window treatments afterward fill further boost your home’s energy efficiency! Read on for more information on how to improve your home’s heating ability!

Weighing Your Window Options

The best window treatments for energy efficiency is to know which types will block the sun’s heat in the summer and slash heat loss in the winter. Tap into each treatment’s energy saving superpowers with proper installation.


Blinds can help you to beat the summer heat. They have adjustable slats to control the amount of light and ventilation you let into the room. The blinds, made of highly reflective material, can slash solar heat gain by 45 percent when completely lowered and closed. The only caveat to blinds is that they must cover the entire width and height of the window opening to be effective for sunlight control.


Curtains are a versatile invention! Those with white backing or lining can reduce heat gain by around 33 percent in the summer, while the same curtain can reduce heat loss by up to 10 percent in the winter! On hot and sunny days, keep lined curtains closed on west-facing windows to help keep your home cooler. During the winter, keep your curtains open to boost solar heat gain, which in turn, warms the room. At night, close the curtains (though we’re sure you already do this for privacy), to prevent heat loss.

Insulated Interior Shutters

These are solid shutter doors with rigid foam insulation. When closed, they can completely reduce heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter. To optimize your energy savings, make sure they are a close fit to the window frame!

This winter, don’t loose out on heat through your windows! For more information on the best windows for your property, contact Agoura Sash & Door in Westlake Village, California to ensure that your house a cozy home all through the season!