Fall Decorating Trends

fall decoratingThe idea of nesting in your home, snuggling in for cooler weather may put you in the decorating mood. Fall decorations tend to serve as a reminder of hearth and home, to celebrate the season that leads into family holidays.

Here are a few decorating ideas for fall that may help inspire you:

Etch a Pumpkin

Fall trends may come and go, but you can always count on pumpkins to be a staple of fall. As you are decorating your home for fall, don’t forget about just outside the entry door. Why not etch your house numbers into a pumpkin and sit it on the front stoop? You can etch them all into one pumpkin, or use a separate pumpkin for each number and sit them next to each other. Make sure that the numbers are easy to read from the street.

Make Pomanders

Surround oranges with whole cloves and display them in a bowl for an incredible fall aroma. Make sure that you have enough cloves to nearly-cover the oranges so that they look “studded.” Simple push the cloves into the orange skin where you want them.

Simmer Cinnamon

Speaking of aroma. Fill a pan with water and drop in a couple sticks of cinnamon. Allow it to boil for several minutes before turning the heat off. Even with no heat, the mixture will fill your home with the wonderful fragrance.

Create a “Blooming Pumpkin”

Carve a pumpkin out and fill it with fall foliage. It’s a simple, but stunning centerpiece.

It’s the smallest changes that seem to make the greatest impact. If you’re looking to refresh a room for fall, add new hardware to your cabinets and drawers like those found at Agoura Sash & Door.