Four Tips for Waking Up Your Home with Lighting

natural light in room
Living room of home

Besides saving on electricity bills, allowing more natural light into your home will keep your house feeling larger, cleaner and you’ll stay healthier since the UV rays from the sun can kill microscopic bacteria. The light will also help raise your levels of vitamin D, keeping you healthier and happier. Here are four tips to wake up your home with light:

  1. Add more windows – If you’re building or remodeling, add in some floor-to-ceiling windows to allow for maximum natural light exposure. Not only will this make the room feel larger, it will increase the benefits.
  2. Install overhead lighting – Light coming down from above helps brighten your home, so put in some wall sconces up high, and add track lighting in your kitchen or a chandelier in your dining room.
  3. Buy lots of plants – If you’re used to living in a darker home, but need some reason to change, consider buying plants as your trigger to open up your curtains everyday.
  4. Rethink your window treatments – Let more light in by using thinner curtains. Also tie back your curtains as far as possible so that every inch of your windows are exposed and light can enter your home.

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