Ooo La La! French Doors!

milgard french doorFrench Door Benefits

Doors serve a purpose. No matter if it is your front door that keeps your house private or partition doors that are used to close off an area, you have tons of doors throughout you house. However, just because you doors are a necessity, it does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. Installing French doors throughout your house can help create a sense of a larger space while still doing their job.

French doors, sometimes called French windows, are doors that are composed of glass panels. While they traditionally come in pairs and are hinged and either swing in or out, there are other designs as well. French doors can be used both inside and outside, and are often used to link two different rooms.

There are many benefits of installing French doors in your home, including:

  • Providing a visible bridge between the inside and outside of your house, as well as between adjoining rooms.
  • Expanding a warm weather living space by opening out onto a balcony, patio, or garden.
  • Letting the sunlight into your home without letting the warmth escape in the winter or the coolness escape in the summer.
  • Making rooms feel larger and more open.
  • Brining natural light into an interior hall or room in your home that does not have any windows.
  • Creating flow while also filling wide openings between rooms in your home.
  • Allowing adjoining rooms to be closed off from each other as needed, such as for heating or noise reasons.

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