Choosing The Right Type of Garage Door

garage door with windowsGarage Door Styles

Garage doors are becoming much more than just a way to keep your garage closed off, they are quickly changing into the most common entrance into your house. To help keep up with the trend, garage door manufacturers are offering more styles of garage doors to help fit in with the look of your house. Consider these types of garage doors to ensure that your new front door looks its best.

  • Sectional – These garage doors are the most common, and have horizontal hinged sections that roll up and then back along the ceiling of your garage. Built in weather-stripping around the sides of the door helps to seal out the elements.
  • Swing out – These doors hang from hinges on either side of the garage opening, and must be 1 foot taller than it is wide. They can be opened with a remote control or manually depending on how much money you are willing to spend.
  • Sliding – Like barn doors, sliding garage doors hang from rollers that ride along a track that is at the top of the garage opening. Even with their size, these doors are easy to operate, both manually and with a remote. The track size will have to be about twice the size of the width of the door.
  • Bifold – Much like closet doors, bifold doors are hinged in vertical sections that fold back against the sides of the opening. They must be opened manually and do not offer a seal as tight as swing out or sectional options.

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