Finding the Right Cabinet Knobs

close up of cabinet knobCabinet Knob Choices

You probably do not give a lot of thought to your cabinet knobs on a daily basis. However, your knobs are more important that you probably think. Cabinet knobs are one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to change up the look of a room. From your kitchen to your bathroom, swapping out your cabinet knobs can help to give your home an instant update.

Cabinet knobs can be made out of almost any type of material, including brass, aluminum, chrome, bronze, iron, copper, silver, pewter, stainless steel and glass. Even though glass knobs are mostly used for bedroom dresser drawers, they can be used to add an elegant touch to any room in your house. Glass knobs are very durable and scratch resistant, and have a finish that will not wear off easily. Knobs that are made out of wood are also a great option, since they can blend in with the cabinets and can be easily painted.

When looking for the right knobs for your house, you should also consider the shape and size of the knob. If you do not want the same boring options at your house, there are many unique shapes that you can choose from. Seashell knobs will match perfectly with beach themed rooms, or look for apple knobs that will go well in a country style kitchen. Make sure to choose a knob that is a size and shape that is comfortable to touch.

Keep in mind that knobs need to be cleaned, since they are handled regularly, to keep them looking their best. Mild dish soap and water should be enough to keep them clean. Just make sure to wipe them dry right away to prevent any damage.

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