How to Deal With Spring Allergies in Your Home

woman sneezing from allergiesHome Allergy Defense Tips

Although the spring season brings beautiful flowers, it also brings spring allergies. Not only can your allergies flare up while you are outside, but they can also be an issue in your house. Keep these home allergy tips in mind to create a sanctuary away from the spring allergens.

  • Figure out what you are allergic to – Visit an allergist to find out what you are allergic to. Some of the most common allergy offenders that you can find in your house include mold, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. If you do not know what you are allergic to, you cannot make any changes.
  • Start in your bedroom – Cover your mattress and pillows with a zip-on dust mite cover. You will never be able to get a good night’s sleep if your bed is the center of your allergy issues.
  • Get rid of carpets – If you have wall to wall carpeting, it is time to update your house to tile or wood floors. Not only are they much easier to clean, but they will not accumulate allergens as easily.
  • Avoid tracking in issues – Put doormats on the inside and outside of each entryway into your house. Ask your friends and family to take their shoes off when they come into your house to prevent allergens from making it deep into your house.
  • Invest in a new vacuum – Choose a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, since they are specially made to pick up particles that are as small as 0.3 microns, which means they can suck up most allergens.
  • Change your air filters – Dirty air filters will just push more allergens into your air, not take them out. Change your air filters as often as necessary to keep your home clean.

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