What To Consider When Looking for New Kitchen Window Treatments

kitchenKitchen Window Treatments

Finding the perfect kitchen window treatment for your house does not mean spending thousands of dollars. There are many window treatment options that can work with your home design at various price points. Two of the most important factors that you need to consider when deciding on a window treatment are the price and style of your window. Keep these tips in mind to help you find the right kitchen window treatment for your needs.

  • Privacy – Turn the lights on in your kitchen, and then walk outside to see how much you can see into your house. If you are looking for more private options consider screening materials that will allow you to see out and let the sunlight in while partially blocking the view into your home. Roller shades and Roman shades are great options for privacy.
  • Sunlight exposure – Not only can the sun’s UVB and UVA rays damage your skin, but they can also damage your furniture. Having the sun stream directly into your house will also raise the temperature in your kitchen, which can be extremely uncomfortable during the summer. Look for window coverings that will help to protect your home, such as solar and cellular shades. Applying a static cling or adhesive UV film directly onto your windows can also help to cut down on the amount of sun in your house.
  • Decoration – Any shared spaces in your kitchen, such as a large bay window or breakfast nook are the perfect place for floor length curtain panels that will give you the opportunity to add patterns and color into your kitchen. Choose textures, material, and designs that will work well with the design of the rest of your house to create a cohesive look.

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