Make the Most of your Home this Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinnerWith the holidays coming soon, you probably are anticipating visits from friends and relatives. If you have a small home, you may have shied away from hosting gatherings in your home. It can be crowded when you have several families in the house. However, do not allow the size of your home limit the size of your hospitality.

Here are a few tips to make your small spaces feel larger.

  • Rearrange the Furniture – If you are serving party fare, it is likely that no one really sits at the kitchen table to eat. Shoving the table against the wall to create a buffet table is a good way to create more space in the kitchen. In the living room, removing unnecessary furniture items is a good way to open up a room. If an item does not have a use for entertainment, decide if you can temporarily relocate it to another place in the home.
  • Lighten Up Your Window Treatments – While you may need heavier window treatments for privacy most of the time, drapes can close in a room. Take them down for Thanksgiving, and replace them with light, sheer panels. Your drapes probably needed cleaning anyway, and sheers will fill the need for privacy for Thanksgiving week.
  • Declutter Mercilessly – Potted plants, baskets, magazines and home decor items can visually clutter a room. Remove them to create a more open feel to the living room. Look over your shelves, and remove all but one or two knick-knacks and photos. Replace multiple small pictures on the wall with a single larger painting to make the room seem bigger and provide greater home decor impact.

Do not let small spaces get you down for Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the holiday season. Use these three tips to make your home live larger. After all, even if the house was crowded for a few hours, what your loved ones will remember is the fun coziness that your small home contained.

If you need to do some more substantial updating to your home this year, Agoura Sash & Door can provide you with your home decor needs. Agoura Sash & Door proudly serves Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties in California.

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