Patio Designs Perfect For Your Backyard Landscape

patio door and tablePatios bring people together to enjoy the great outdoors near the comfort of their homes. Choose the type of patio design that works in your landscaping as you will enjoy the warm, summer months outside basking in the sunshine.

  • French-Provincial Kitchens – Outdoor kitchens are the newest trends for backyard landscapes as it offers a large dining room outdoors with all the equipment you need to cook meals for the family. A covered roof allows smoke to filter out while shading people lounging on chairs, according to HGTV.
  • Sloped Patios – When a home is situated on a slope, the outdoor space offers challenges to patio designs. Incorporating a retaining wall with an upper sitting space and contoured steps allows you to still have the patio you want.
  • Rooftop Patios – You don’t have a backyard? No, problem. A rooftop patio allows you to still have the outdoor entertainment area while enjoying the wonderful scenic views.

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