How To Choose the Perfect Front Door

doorsChoose the right door for your home!

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a new front door. With so many styles and materials, it’s hard to pick the perfect door for your home. Check out this guide to help you choose the right front door for your home!


Before you choose your dream door, figure out what size it needs to be. Measuring is an extremely important part of choosing a door. If your door is a standard sized door, it’s likely 32-36” wide and either 6’8” or 8’ tall.  However, your entryway may be a different size. From double doors to extra-wide single doors, measure before you choose a style.


Nowadays you have a variety of door materials from which to choose. Wood, fiberglass, and steel are all options. There are pros and cons to each material so be sure to choose your material wisely. Wood is expensive, but a classic. Just be aware that wood doesn’t hold up as well against the elements. Moisture can cause warping and sun can cause damage. In addition, you will need at least a 4’ overhang for protection from the sun.  Fiberglass is a sturdy option. It’s great for harsher weather conditions and needs less maintenance. Steel is sturdy and affordable, but can dent more easily and isn’t great in extreme climates. When looking for a new door, consider which material best suits your needs.


There are tons of designs to choose from when looking for a new door. From glasswork to peepholes, there are endless door design elements. Make sure your doors fit in with the style of your home and are true to your styling preferences.


The cost of your door is another factor to consider. It should be affordable, but keep in mind short-term and long-term fiscal responsibilities. For example, certain doors require more maintenance than others.

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