Pet Doors for Dogs, Cats and Pet Owners!

pet door on sliderThere are a lot of pet lovers that are not able to let their pet out when they have to go, work and weather often getting in the way of this.

This is why “doggie” doors were invented!  Doggie doors are not just for doggies, but for their owners.  Cats also appreciate the ability to venture outdoors when they feel the need.

At Agoura Sash & Door, we have a selection of these pet doors that are proving to be very popular with pet owners. We have the ability to transform your patio sliding door into a patio pet door so your pet can easily let himself in and out when he needs. Pet doors can also be added to your existing front or back door.

If you have questions about pet doors and how they can add convenience to the life of you and your pet, contact us online or visit our showroom.