Ways To Use Holiday String Lights All Year Long

party lightsReuse your holiday lights! Tips for using them year-round.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to put away all the holiday décor. But before you put away those holiday lights, check out these tips on how to use your holiday lights year round.

Fairytale backyard.

Beautify your backyard with your holiday lights. Wrap your trees, hang them from a pergola or fence, display them near a water feature for a cool mirrored effect, or even fill grapevine balls with lights and hang them around the yard. Your backyard will glitter with beautiful lights!

Window treatment.

Bring your lights inside and try hanging your lights to frame your windows. It’s simple and it creates an inviting atmosphere.

Make a marquee.

See your name up in light! Use your lights with a chipboard to create a cute, decorative marquee.

Wedding décor.

Getting married or know someone getting married this year? Use the holiday lights. From a illuminated backdrop to a wedding canopy, holiday lights make excellent (and affordable) wedding decorations!

Flower lights.

Using your holiday lights, create your own flower lights. Take a trip down to your local crafts store or even use an old egg carton and make little flowers around each bulb. You can then use the lights to brighten up any space.

Coffee table statement piece.

Place your lights in a bowl and fill the bowl with pinecones, grapevine balls, or potpourri. The lights will illuminate the items making your table glow with inviting warmth.

Jazz up an old mirror.

Feel like royalty year-round when you drape the lights around a mirror. The reflective quality will make for a cool effect.

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