Some Common Myths About Energy Saving

eco earth logoWhen it comes to energy saving there are many myths that float around. The problem with these myths is that they are just that, myths. To help you go green and create an energy efficient home we have debunked the top three myths about energy saving.

Myth 1: Fluorescent lighting is bad – When compared with traditional light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use up to 75 percent less energy. With a life span of five years CFLs are not only a great energy saving mechanism, but they also protect your wallet from purchasing too many light bulbs.

Myth 2 – Installing foam gaskets around electrical outlets and light switches reduces air leakage – The US Department of Energy recently conducted studies on air leakage from residential homes; their findings showed that less than two percent of air leakage occurs through electrical wall outlets. To save energy, skip installing foam gaskets and instead remember to keep doors securely closed and windows installed with double-paned glass.

Myth 3 – Leaving small electronics on uses less energy then turning them on and off  – Quite simply put this myth is 100% inaccurate. It is true that there is a small surge of power that occurs with some devices when they are turned on. However, there is a greater use of energy when a device is left continuously on – even if it is in “sleep” mode. To truly save energy keep your devices in the off position when not in use and unplug them from any electric outlets. Unplugging electronic devices prevents the device from using phantom power or the power need to instantly turn a device on.

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