Get Creative: Spring Time Arts & Crafts For Family Fun

baby chickenCelebrate the start of spring with these fun crafts for your little ones!

Get ready for the start of Spring! Flowers begin to bloom, the landscapes turn green, and baby animals are born. Celebrate the merriment of the season with your kids and these DIY crafts. They’re easy to make and fun for the whole family!

Cows, Pigs, & Little Chicks.

Forget dying eggs this year, put a new spin on your springtime egg crafts. Get ready for spring with these farm-centric egg crafts. Using craft supplies, paint your eggs. Once they dry feel free to decorate them however you’d like!

Envelope Bunnies.

This project is a fun way to deliver springtime sweets to your little ones. Start by sealing an envelope and cut a line through it so that you now have a pocket. Next, use construction paper to cut out bunny ears. Glue on the bunny ears and any other decorations like pom poms, googly eyes, etc, but make sure that the open side of the envelope faces up. Let your kiddos decorate and color to their hearts content. Once the bunnies are dry, fill them with candy. It’s a sweet way to celebrate the season.

Egg Flower Pots.

Celebrate the start of spring by doing some light gardening with your kids. These pots aren’t like any other. Using eggshells, fill each shell with a little dirt and a few seeds of your plant of choice. Just be sure to save the egg carton so that you have a place to keep the eggs. Make sure to water the seeds and transfer them to the garden once the plants start to blossom.  It’s a great way to have fun while teaching your little ones about nature.

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