Tips and Tricks to Make a Room Seem Larger

roomMake your rooms seem larger with these tips!

Tiny spaces can be a downer. But with the right style and design, you can open up any small room making it seem bigger and brighter! Check out these tips and tricks to make a room seem larger.

Lots of Natural Light.

Natural light is a great way to open up a space! The more light you have in a room, the bigger and brighter it’ll appear. Adding a skylight or expanding a window is a great way to get more light. It’s worth the investment to make the room feel comfortably spacious.

Shades of the Same Color.

When choosing paint colors for a room, choose two colors. They should be the same color in different shades, one lighter than the other. When painting make the trim and ceiling a lighter shade of the color of the room. It will help to make the room seem more open.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors.

It depends on the structure of your room but, if you have the opportunity, install a glass door in the room. It will add extra light to the room. In addition, adding skylights can really enhance the lighting. With the new solar options, running electricity to the skylight is not necessary.

Neutral Consistency.

Keep a neutral accent color going through your home. It will help keep congruency throughout multiple living spaces. The congruency makes it seem as if the room spans more space and therefore gives the illusion that it’s larger.

Smoke and Mirrors.

Create the illusion of a larger space by using mirrors. Because they reflect light, they make a small space look bigger.

Double Up.

Clutter makes space look smaller. Look for furniture pieces that can serve multiple functions. With limited space, it’s important to balance functionality with design. This way you’ll be able to have the design you like without making the room too cluttered, which makes it feel smaller. As an example, consider an ottoman that doubles as a storage.

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