Tips To Help You Transform Your Home Into Your Dream Home

home design ideaIf you have recently moved into a new home or are even just tired of your current home, interior design can help you brighten up your living space. You don’t need to clear your wallet and hire a professional interior designer to have your dream house! Here are some interior design tips that you can do yourself to transform the old into the new.

  • Repaint your rooms- A lighter coat of paint can do wonders to make a room feel a lot bigger than it actually is.
  • Mix it up- Mix old and new and expensive and inexpensive items to tell a story and express your unique self.
  • Add some green- Plants are inexpensive ways to add color and texture to different rooms.
  • Baskets- A Wicker basket on the counter can be used for storage and will make your design more whimsical.
  • Mirrors- Placing a mirror across from a window can actually increase natural light and will make your room look brighter than before.

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