Cleaning Your Home Without A Sweat This Summer

cleaning windowThe heat and humidity of Summer may make you want to put off your cleaning until the Spring. These simple tips can help you get your summer cleaning done without a sweat so you can kick your feet up and enjoy the cool breeze instead of spring cleaning.

  • To get rid of pesky mold and mildew from humidity, keep your bathroom fan running 30 minutes after your showers.
  • Use nylon mats in front of your doorway to stop dirt from entering your household.
  • Keep your windows and mirrors clean the easy way. Give them a quick wipe down weekly using wet wipes.
  • Soap residue on your bathroom is a pain. Experiment with different soaps and shampoos to see which ones are better for your shower.
  • Put filters over your windows to keep pesky dust from coming in.
  • Extra liners at the bottom of your trash can will keep your trash from leaking and stinking up your kitchen!

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