Transform Your Home With These Decor Tips

home design ideaFront Door Decor Tips

Your front door is the first impression that people get when they walk up to your home. While it may not seem like a big deal, giving your front door a new look can completely transform your curb appeal. Keep these front door home décor ideas in mind to refresh the look of your entrance.

  • Choose the right color – When choosing a color for your front door, look for one that fits your personality more than it fits with the rest of your home’s color scheme. Treat your door like a focal point that is separate from everything else so that it does not have to fit in. The color of your front door can evoke more thoughts and feelings than you think.
  • Add some trim – Adding trim around your front door can add a touch of class to your whole house. Make sure that you prime and paint the trim before you put them up to save tons of time and energy, as well as avoiding drips on your porch.
  • Consider a highlight – If your front door has a peephole, it is just like millions of other doors in the world. Kick it up a notch and add a stainless steel door knocker that will catch the sun and add more elegance to your house.
  • Upgrade your handles – Think of your door handles as jewelry to your door. Keep in mind that your front door handles do not have to fit in with the norm. Consider large, ornate handles that will be a conversation starter, or a simple, unique design that will add something special to your house.

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