Which Type of Window is Best for Your House?

guy installing windowTypes of Windows

Windows allow you to bring some of the outside in to your home. While choosing the right window may seem as simple as choosing the right design, there are actually many more factors to consider, most importantly the material that the window is made out of. Make sure to know the differences in these types of windows to ensure that you choose the best type for your house.

  • Wood – the first windows were made of wood, and it is still one of the most popular window materials because it is so versatile. Although hardwood windows can be expensive, they are very durable and only need oil to keep them protected. You also have the option to give them a natural stain finish, or paint them a new color to match with the décor of your house. Keep in mind that windows that are made of softwood need to be protected by a natural wood finish or paint and regularly maintained.
  • Aluminum – if you are planning on installing large windows to allow the most amount of light into your house, you should consider aluminum windows, since the aluminum windows are very strong while still being very light. While old aluminum windows were very prone to rust, the more modern versions have a special coating that make them low maintenance and durable.
  • Vinyl – double glazed vinyl windows offer the best sound and heat insulation. Most old windows are now replaced with vinyl windows for this reason. There are many colors that are available with vinyl windows, including wood grain patterns. Vinyl windows require very little maintenance to keep them looking their best.

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