Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen can easily be the center of your home, which means you want it to look its best. Along with the right color scheme and materials, it is important to remember the small details, such as cabinet hardware. Choosing the right hardware can create a whole new look without having to re-do your entire kitchen. Keep these cabinet hardware tips in mind to keep your kitchen looking its best.

  • Accent your kitchen’s overall style – Your cabinet hardware should always accent the style of your kitchen, not clash with it. With the current trend of electric and transitional kitchen designs, there are not strict guidelines to follow when choosing hardware. Look for hardware that helps to balance the overall design, such as a classic knob with a contemporary finish.
  • Look at all the finishing options – The finish of hardware is the main aspect of long-term functionality. There are many different finishing options that are available, including polished brass, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and brushed nickel, all which have their own benefits.
  • Coordinate the finishes – Using too many finishes and materials can easily make your kitchen feel cluttered. Make sure to pay close attention to the color spectrum in your kitchen to ensure that everything blends seamlessly and does not clash.
  • Consider functionality –Consider the maintenance and ease of access of all hardware that you choose in your kitchen. While ornately designed knobs may look great, they are much harder to clean than simple, flat knobs.

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