Front Door Trends To Add Character To Your Home

front door with surroundsDoor Trends That Can Make Your Home Look Its Best

You may never really think of the style of your front door, however, choosing the right front door can add beauty and character to your home. When looking for the right front door, consider these top door trends.

  • Wood – Natural tinted wood doors are back in style! While many people think all wood doors have to look the same, there are many ways to give them a unique touch. From distressed antique, to naturally tinted oak doors, you can get a wood door in the perfect style to match the look of your home.
  • Glass – Glass doors that have wooden panels are the perfect way to add an artistic touch to your home while still letting in a little extra light. Glass also allows you to add customizable geometric patterns and color schemes. The new technology of making glass doors helps make them airtight, which prevents leaks and drafts.
  • Size – Many homeowners are opting to invest in an oversized, eight-foot door to match the trend of high ceilings. Tall doors add immediate drama to your home, while also creating an illusion of increased space inside.
  • Exterior accent color – Choosing the right color for your door can easily make it a focal point of the exterior of your home. Choose a color that matches the railings, trims, or chimney of your home to add character and drama.
  • Designer surrounds – Along with choosing the right door, choosing the right surrounds can help to achieve your desired look. Consider door pilasters, pediment sets, and overlays to add an extra layer to the front of your home.

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