Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

child with dog looking out windowAvoid Cold Drafts in Your Home With These Tips

With the cold weather setting in, you may find yourself turning up the heater a little more than usual. While you may not be able to completely avoid the heater, it is important to make sure that your home is not colder than it should be, due to drafty windows. Keep these winter window tips in mind to ensure that your home stays cozy this season.

The first step in fixing any drafty windows is to locate the draft. Close all of your windows throughout your home as tightly as possible. Light a candle and hold it in front of the seam of each window. If the flames move at all, there is probably a leak. Make sure to mark the spot so that you can fix it later.

Once you have located the draft, you have to address the cause. There are many different ways that you can seal up a window, including:

  • Weather stripping – As one of the most inexpensive and easiest options, weather stripping is great for people who are not extremely handy around the house. Simply cut the weather stripping to size and fill any gaps in-between the jam and window sash.
  • Caulking – Caulking will work to seal windows in two places, where the window meets the casing and where the casing meets the surrounding wall. Keep in mind that caulking does not last forever, and will have to be removed and replaced after a certain amount of time.
  • Replacement windows – While replacing your windows may be the most expensive option, you will recoup almost 80 percent of what you invested in the windows when you sell your home. New windows will also make your home more energy efficient, since they create a much tighter seal than any other option.

When it comes to finding the perfect windows for your Ventura County home, contact Agoura Sash & Door in Westlake Village, California. We can help ensure that you have the best windows throughout your home to keep the cold winter weather out.