What Type Of Window Do You Need?

lady looking out windowWindow Types

Windows are the best way to bring the inside into your home, but not all windows are the same. Choosing the right windows for your house can help to create a better look for your home overall. Consider these common types of windows for your home to help make it feel more open and inviting.

  • Wood framed – Most wood framed windows are made of solid wood, but some are made of composite materials. New wood framed windows are covered in vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass to help protect the wood from the elements. Even though wood windows tend to more expensive than other types of windows, they are much more attractive.
  • Vinyl framed – If you are looking for inexpensive windows that require very little upkeep, look no further than vinyl windows. Keep in mind that most vinyl windows come in white and cannot be painted or stained and typically come with very few hardware options.
  • Fiberglass framed – Fiberglass framed windows are one of the newest window options available. They do not need to be painted, but you do have the option to paint them a different color if you want. Fiberglass that is embedded in the plastic help to make it stiffer and stronger overall, but there are not very many options when it comes to companies that sell them.
  • Double hung – double hung windows are very common, and include a lower, inside sash that can slide up and an upper, outside sash that can slide down, helping to improve air circulation. Since the sash can be tilted, the windows are very easy to clean.

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