Do Your Doors And Windows Qualify For A Federal Tax Credit?

eco homeFollow this guide to help you choose the right energy-efficient doors and windows.

Not all Energy Star rated doors and windows will qualify you for a federal tax credit, but they will help to lower your energy costs. Understanding window and door energy ratings will help to ensure that you invest in the right ones for your house. Use this guide to help you pick out the right doors and windows for your Ventura County home.

When looking for doors and windows, you should look for models that include the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star label, which shows the climate zones that the product is certified for, as well as the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label, which is the industry recognized certifying body for doors and windows.

In order for windows and doors to qualify for the federal tax credit, two NFRC supplied measurements have to be equal or less than 0.3, no matter of the climate. You also have to have the manufacturer’s signed statement that the product is in compliance with IRS requirements. The statement will either come with the product when you purchase it, or it can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

The NFRC label will typically list five measurements, including the tax credit critical U-factor and SHGC. The other three measurements are a little less important when it comes to energy performance but will still provide important information that you can use to help judge how well a door or window will perform in specific applications.

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