Keep Your House Sealed Tight With These Tips

rain drops on windowUse these steps to avoid any air or water leaks at your house.

Your doors and windows may seem like they fit snugly into your house. However, even a small gap can allow water and air into your house, which can turn into a very expensive repair project. Keep these steps in mind to check for window and door leaks at your Conejo Valley house.

To check for air leaks:

  1. Seal your house by locking all windows, doors, and skylights.
  2. Close all vents and dampers throughout your house.
  3. Turn on all bath and kitchen exhaust fans.
  4. Pass a burning incense stick along all the openings in your house – doors, windows, fireplaces, and outlets – and look for any air that is rushing in from the outside.

To find any window issues:

  1. Give your windows a small shake. If they rattle, it means that the frame is not secure and air conditioning and heat can seep out and rain can get in. The issue can easily be solved with a couple nails and some caulk.
  2. Look closely at your windows. If you can see the outside through the frame of the window, you have gaps. Seal the leak with weather stripping and caulking to keep your house sealed tight.
  3. If you have double hung windows, make sure that they slide up and down smoothly. If they don’t run a knife around the frames and sash to loosen up any dried paint.

To find any door leaks:

  1. Check all your doors for cracks that can weaken their ability to stop water seeps and air leaks.
  2. Look at the weather stripping to check for any gaps and peels.
  3. Make sure that all hinges are tight and that your doors fit securely in the thresholds.

For all of your door and window needs to keep your Ventura County house properly sealed, contact Agoura Sash & Door in Westlake Village, California.