Window Issues That Can Be a Sign of a More Serious Issue

girl looking out windowProblems With Windows

As long as you can see out of your windows, you probably do not think very much about them. However, small issues with your windows can be a sign of a more serious problem in your house. Make sure to watch out for these common signs of bigger issues at your house next time you look out your windows.

  • Condensation along the bottom of the glass – Any condensation that forms in your window can be a sign that your home is not properly ventilated or that your house has a high moisture level. Built up moisture can lead to mildew, mold, or rotting wood, which can be time consuming and expensive to fix.
  • Condensation between the panes of glass – If moisture makes its way in between the panes of glass in your window, it means that the seals around your window are deteriorating, which means it is time to replace it.
  • Condensation in the center of the glass, inside your house – If you have gas filled, double pane windows, condensation in the middle of the window can mean a gas leak. When the gas is pushed out of the window, the glass can blow inwards, which may even cause the two panes to touch.
  • Water leaking around your window – In most cases, if water is able to make its way into your house, it means that your window is not able to close tightly. If your window is shut as tightly as possible, but water is still getting in, especially from the top, it can mean that the real problem is due to the siding or roof of your house, not your window.

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