Check Out These Window Treatments To Brighten Up Your Home For Spring

bright windowsChange up your window treatments for spring

The spring season brings more sunlight, colorful flowers, and lots of greenery. Light and airy fabrics and soft colors are characteristic of springtime. Use the perks of the season to brighten up your home. Check out these springtime window treatments to help lighten up your home.

Nix the dark colors.

During the wintertime, it’s good to have dark heavy fabrics. Dark colors absorb more sunlight and the heavy fabric helps to insulate your home to make it warmer. However, in the springtime, it’s no longer needed. Brighten up your window treatments and let more light in. Pick a thinner fabric and lighter colors. The lighter a color, the more light it reflects.

Ditch the fabric.

Be daring and ditch the fabric all together. Go curtain free and let natural light stream in. Too bare for your taste, but still want to try something different? Make an investment in your window treatments and add plantation shutters or blinds to your windows. They’ll lighten up a room, but will still give you the privacy the drapes provide.

Tailor styles to your home.

No two homes are the same. While you may like a particular style, it may not fit well in your space. Before you decide on a new window treatment, think about the aesthetics in your home as well as your views and how light hits a room. You may want more protection from the sun in a room that gets blasted with sunlight. Conversely, you may also want a more open style in a room that gets little direct sunlight.

Choose a window treatment that pairs well with your new windows. Be sure to contact Agoura Sash & Door in the Conejo Valley. Located in Westlake Village, California we serve all your door and window needs.

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