What To Do With The Wall Space Under Your Windows

flowers next to windowDecorating Window Wall Spaces

The space under your window can be difficult to decorate and furnish, especially if the space is taken up by a bulky radiator. Luckily, there are many steps that you can take to make the wall under your windows a functional part of your home. Keep these decorating tips in mind to help maximize the space in your house.

  • Shelves and radiator cover – Chances are your radiator does not take up the entire space under the window. A shelf/cover combo will help to hide your radiator while allowing for more storage space in your house.
  • Desk – Install a dark colored desk under the window to create a calming location to get your work done. Make sure to install shades or blinds that you can pull down in case the glare gets to be too strong while you are working.
  • Lounge – If you have the space, build a large daybed under the window with colorful throw pillows and cushions. The natural light that is let in by the window will make the daybed the perfect place to read or relax.
  • Library – If you are not quite sure where to put all the books that you have accumulated over the years, show them off under your window! A two level bookshelf can be enough to create your own low-level library.
  • Drop zone – If your window is in your entryway, build a storage area that can be used to drop off everything in your hands when you walk in the door. Consider sliding cabinets to hide shoes to help keep away the clutter.

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