aluminum windows

Benefits of Aluminum Windows

Installing Aluminum Windows in Your House Aluminum windows hit the market as a lower cost alternative to vinyl and wood windows. Along with the lower price tag, there are also many other benefits of choosing aluminum windows for your house, including their resistance to shrinking, cracking, and splitting. There are 3 main reasons you should […]

garage door opener

Dangers of Your Garage Door

Garage Door Safety Tips Your garage door is one of the heaviest and largest moving objects in your home, which means that it can cause serious injury if it is misused. To help ensure that your garage door does not become a serious safety hazard to your family, keep these garage door safety tips in […]

Benefits of Installing Skylights At Your House

Skylights have long been seen as a luxury item in homes. However, they are becoming more and more common as people realize how they can help to make them go green. Since skylights are pretty much the same as windows, they come with all the same benefits of installing energy efficient windows in your home. […]

child with dog looking out window

Keep Your Children Safe For National Window Safety Week

National Window Safety Week National Window Safety Week started yesterday, and will continue through April 11th. While most people do not consider the safety risks that are associated with windows, there are plenty to think about. Each year, over 3,300 children are sent to the hospital from falling out of a window, which can be […]

front entrance door

Tips to Keep Dirt Where It Belongs – Outside

Keeping Dirt From Getting Inside Dirt is meant to be outside, not in your house. Keeping the dirt outside will help to make sure that your home always looks its best, and will cut down on the amount of housework you have to do. Knowing how to prevent dirt from ever making its way indoors […]

woman sneezing from allergies

How to Deal With Spring Allergies in Your Home

Home Allergy Defense Tips Although the spring season brings beautiful flowers, it also brings spring allergies. Not only can your allergies flare up while you are outside, but they can also be an issue in your house. Keep these home allergy tips in mind to create a sanctuary away from the spring allergens. Figure out […]

cleaning front door

Tips to Clean Your Doors

Door Cleaning Tips You use doors every day, and no matter what type of doors you have in your house, they can get very dirty, very fast. Taking the time to clean them can help to ensure that your home looks its best. Keep these simple tips on how to clean your doors in mind […]

close up of cabinet knob

Finding the Right Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet Knob Choices You probably do not give a lot of thought to your cabinet knobs on a daily basis. However, your knobs are more important that you probably think. Cabinet knobs are one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to change up the look of a room. From your kitchen to your bathroom, swapping […]

guy replaces fiberglass window

Benefits Of Replacing Your Old, Outdated Windows

New Window Benefits Replacing the windows in your home can be a big project to take on. Depending on how many windows you are replacing, it can also get a little pricey. However, there are many benefits that are associated with replacing windows in your house, including: Curb appeal – New windows can help to make the […]

bucket of cleaning products

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tips Spring is just around the corner, which means it is time for some spring-cleaning. While most people focus on the inside of their home when spring-cleaning, there are also many tasks to take care of outside. Keep these outdoor spring-cleaning tips in mind to make sure that your home is looking its […]