kolbe vistaluxe entrance door

How to Freshen Up Your Entry Doors

When it comes to inviting people over the entrance into your home often sets the mood. Entry doors say a lot about the room your guests are about to enter into. It is important to make sure your home’s theme flows together, and that flow starts with your front door. Here are some tips to […]

low light against wall

Blending Wood Trim, Furniture, and Wall Color Yields a Comfortable Balance

The coordination of color combinations in your home extends beyond merely the selection of wall color, to the selection of the furnishings, as well. Furniture made of wood has long been a favorite of those with discriminating taste, because of the varied range of textures, colors, and other characteristics common to the wood of various […]

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Work With Us to Prepare for Upcoming Price Increases

Agoura Sash & Door always wants to make things easier on our customers and help them save money too. Because of this, we want to prepare you for some upcoming price increases. Many manufacturers are being forced into a price increase because of rising material costs, overseas freight and other issues. Some of our vendors […]

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Placing Orders round the Holidays

Holidays are great for having fun with the family. Save time this season by placing your orders with us around holiday hours. To help our valued customers plan ahead, we would like to take this time to share our holidays hours here at Agoura Sash & Door. On Christmas Eve we will be closing early […]

natural light in room

Four Tips for Waking Up Your Home with Lighting

Besides saving on electricity bills, allowing more natural light into your home will keep your house feeling larger, cleaner and you’ll stay healthier since the UV rays from the sun can kill microscopic bacteria. The light will also help raise your levels of vitamin D, keeping you healthier and happier. Here are four tips to […]

window blinds

Make Sure Your Home Stays Warm this Winter!

Drafty doors and windows can put a strain on your level of comfort and your wallet. If your home is drafty, it could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year as you attempt to stay warm. Invest in energy-efficient windows and doors from Agoura Sash & Door, Inc. and increase your chances of staying […]

window drapes

16 Can-Do Window Treatments

Window treatments can wake up your design scheme. Here are a few ideas: Love Your Length – Let your sheer curtains drape the floor. The Painter in You – Use blank shades as a backdrop for a painting. Pattern Pizzazz – Use a patterned shade or curtain in soft colors. Shade Craze – Dress up […]

patio doors

Enhance Your Home with Decorative Doors

There’s something exquisite about a beautiful door. Decorative doors can add visual depth to the entire room and enhance your settings. Doors are important elements to any room, and you want to make sure you have the right elements for your design scheme. Here are a few options: Interior doors – They can take on […]

thanksgiving dinner

Make the Most of your Home this Thanksgiving

With the holidays coming soon, you probably are anticipating visits from friends and relatives. If you have a small home, you may have shied away from hosting gatherings in your home. It can be crowded when you have several families in the house. However, do not allow the size of your home limit the size […]

trustile door

Quality Tru-Stile Doors Now Available in New Species

You already know TruStile wood doors as the leading national manufacturer of superior MDF interior doors for many interior applications. Their newest line again sets the standard for quality when it comes to solid MDF wood doors, usable for many different applications. Introduced as part of their Tru & Modern collection in the summer, TruStile […]