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Benefits of classic bamboo Roman shades

Sometimes changing a room’s window treatments is all it takes to give the space a fresh new look. Adding a bamboo Roman shade to your windows will create a simple look, while adding a subtle amount of color to the room. There are many different benefits to installing bamboo Roman shades, including privacy and theme. […]

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Open the Door to Inspiration for Your Home

If you think that all interior doors are the same, you should see the style options for unique interior designs available at the Agoura Sash & Door Showroom in Westlake Village.  Not only are there hundreds of interior door styles for you to choose from, but you can personalize your choices through custom sizes, a variety of […]

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Furniture arranging tips

Furniture is a way to set the tone for a room. A room’s furniture arrangement can affect how the room is utilized and how comfortable others feel when sitting in the room. How a room looks and feels can be instantly transformed by simply rearranging the furniture. Here are some tips when arranging space within […]

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Window Treatments: 4 Inspiring Valances

Dress up your beautiful new windows with a trendy valance. No, we don’t mean the one that hung in your grandmother’s kitchen. It undoubtedly included pictures of fruit and vegetables depicted in various shades of orange, green and yellow. What you should do is seek inspiration from some of the hottest interior designers who are […]

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Chic Home Lighting Ideas

Just as window treatments change the look and “feel” of rooms, indoor lighting choices with different or unique fixtures achieve the same goal. Combining natural light with chic, purposeful indoor lighting will create the look you want. Here are some lighting ideas and suggestions from HGTV to fuel your inspiration and innovative juices. Make your […]

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Give Your Windows Trendy Updates

Just as dramatic lighting fixtures change the look and feel of rooms, giving your window treatments trendy updates create the atmosphere you want. Your choice of draperies, shades or other trendy updates is a fun, creative project. Enjoy the journey and the destination. Your window treatments transform rooms from potentially boring to stunning personal statements. […]

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New Showroom Makes Shopping an Even Better Experience

The design center and newly-updated showroom of Agoura Sash & Door is just another reason customers rave about their experiences with this company which has been serving the home building and remodeling community in Southern California for more than 25 years.  As a major supplier of windows, doors, moldings, millwork, hardware and skylights, Agoura is […]

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Bamboo Entry and Interior Doors: An Environmentally Superior Choice

One of the most beautiful ways to make a house greener is to put in bamboo doors. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable plant material that is durable enough to use for entry doors as well as interior doors. What Makes Bamboo a Superior Choice? GreenLeaf doors, a manufacturer of bamboo doors, doesn’t just rely on […]

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DIY Projects for Your Home

Are you the type of person who likes to take on do-it-yourself projects? If so, then you may constantly find yourself looking for new and fun projects to try out at your own home. Of course, you want a project that will not only be fun to take on, but that will boost the aesthetic […]

solatube daylilghting

Increase Natural Light with Solatube

Rooms without windows can be transformed with natural light from the sunshine that used to stop on the roof.  Interior rooms no longer require artificial light during the daylight hours, which will reduce energy consumption.  Homeowners will marvel at the transformation realized after the installation of the Solatube Daylighting system. Increased natural light – Most houses […]