messy room

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Looking Organized

Keeping your house looking clean can be hard especially if you are organizationally challenged. If you have organization issues you are not alone. The problem can be fixed and your house can be put back into working order. Here are some common organization mistakes that may be making your house look messy. You may think […]

front door with surrounds

The Ins and Outs Of Your Door

You use your door every day to get in and out of your home but do you know anything about how it works? Whether you are choosing locks and doorstops or thinking about replacing your hinges or doorknobs, it helps to know the main function and what these things do. Get an inside look at […]

wood entry door

3 Materials To Improve Your Front Door

The front of your house is the first thing your company sees before they enter your home so why not impress them with a unique front door. The design options you can choose from can vary in price and energy efficiency so here is a list of different materials you can choose from for your […]

green friendly home

4 Eco Friendly Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Decorating your home can raise its value when you plan on selling but sometimes it is just plain expensive. The good news is there is a way to redesign your home if you are on a budget. Eco-friendly design is a great option if you want to improve the look of your home without spending too […]

mirror furniture

6 Mirrored Furniture Design Tips

Looking for a fresh new feeling in your home? Mirrors have a way of transforming the entire tone and feel of a home. They are able to add dimension to a home and give off a more welcoming touch. Compiled are 6 mirror design tips to incorporate into your home: Adding a light fixture made […]

door knob

Replace An Old Doorknob in 1-2-3-4

Looking to switch out your old doorknobs so that they match the new design elements of your home? You do not have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get the doorknob off, simply follow these steps: First, you will want to begin by removing the old doorknob. You will need to first […]

colorful paint cans

5 DIY Painting Tips & Tricks

Looking to spruce up some design elements in your home? Many homeowners fail to take advantage of the simple act of painting typical household items to make them look fresh and new again. Compiled is a list of 5 items you probably did not know you could paint, and what paint you will need: Chalkboard […]

woman sitting on couch

6 Items To Toss Once You Hit 30

While many of the pieces in your home may be convenient, they have likely been following you around over the years, aging with you. Compiled is a list of 6 items you must toss out as soon as you turn thirty, maybe even 25: While you may be reliving your college days with this artifact, […]

tall ceilings

5 Tricks to Elongate Your Ceilings

Are you are one of the many individuals who compromised high ceilings for another desired home feature? While high ceilings provide a spacious feel and a luxurious look, they are often difficult to clean and maintain. Put your worries aside and take advantage of these 5 tricks and tips that will make your ceilings look […]

home office

4 Tips to Create An Inspiring Home Office Space

Are you looking to transform an unused room in your home into a luxurious office space? Many individuals simply want a home office to organize their weekly tasks and pay bills, whereas others require this new office space to conduct cost effective business operations. We want you to transform your unused room into a functional, […]